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HOLLYWOOD –Rapper Eminem will make a guest appearance on Fox’s musical sitcom, Glee!

The controversial rap sensation will appear on the hit Fox series as Sue Sylvester’s younger brother, a mean but flamboyant male cheerleading coach.

Sources close to the show say that viewers can expect a steamy romance scene between Eminem and Kurt, the show’s openly gay male character.

“It’s going to get steamy,” said Bruce Mathews, a writer for the hit show. “We’re really trying to push the envelope with this episode.  You’re going to need a cold shower afterwards.”

Publicists on Eminem’s behalf said that the rapper is “totally stoked” to be starring on the nation’s hottest TV show and that he is “fired up” to be singing show tunes and wearing a cheerleading costume in front of millions of American viewers.  He’s “Not Afraid” to try something different.

“Eminem has been a fan of Glee from the very beginning,” said Charlotte Rinehart, Eminem’s personal assistant. “He’s seen every single episode and sings along to all of the songs. And you should see his room! There are posters of Kurt [Hummel] everywhere!”

Eminem will add his guest spot on Glee to a long list of recent accomplishments. His seventh studio album, Recovery, just received ten Grammy nominations, including one for Album of the Year.

“Eminem’s having great year,” said Chris Colter, the actor who plays Kurt, “and we’re all excited to have him on the show. He’s a super nice guy and a surprisingly good cheerleader. You should see his fan kick! ”

The special, two hour episode is schedule to air some time in the next month. However, rumors have surfaced that the episode might be too steamy for network television.

“I watched the footage and I have to say: the episode is very racy,” said network executive Leo Roth. “Honestly, I’m not sure it’s appropriate for network television.”

Looks like Gleeks and Eminem fans alike will have to wait with baited breath to see if the episode will air. But fear not, because Weekly World News will keep you updated on all the latest breaking news. Who knows, we may even stumble across some leaked footage on WikiLeaks!