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NEW YORK, NY – One music star is having his tweets brought to life with cartoons!

Kanye West has only recently unlocked the powers of Twitter. That comes as a surprise given the fact that West is one of the more outspoken celebrities we know. Never afraid to say his piece – as seen by his MTV VMA’s incident with Taylor Swift – West is now speaking his mind on Twitter. His Tweets are now being brought to life by a series of cartoons by The New Yorker.

The combination West’s new found love for Twitter and The New Yorker’s crisp humor has become a viral sensation. West has amassed more than 400,000 followers in less than a month. The rapper has offered his followers cryptic thoughts and nuggets of deep wisdom. His Tweets have been so out there, that there was no better way to convey those messages than with a well-paired cartoon.

Check out a sampling below.