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WEST BEND, WI – A town pays a tribute to Michael Jackson and sets a record in the process!

Michael Jackson death has been both tragic and uplifting. While the entertainment industry lost an icon and many individuals lost an idol, millions have come together to remember the good that Jackson brought to the world. His music will continue to inspire people and bring people together – sometimes 1,800 people.

Jackson’s “Thriller” brought together 1,800 people Saturday in hopes of setting a Guiness World Record while paying tribute to the legend. They were aiming for the record of largest “Thriller” dance.

The city’s mayor said it was fun to be a part of the event which was planned for weeks.

“The vantage point from the stage to see the sea of humanity out there just having a ball was just terrific,” Mayor Kristine Deiss said.

The gathering of 1,800 set the U.S. record for most participants doing the “Thriller” dance, which was released by Michael Jackson in 1983 and was directed by John Landis.

The world record belongs to Mexico City with more than 13,000 people, set in August 2009.