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NEW YORK, NY – Another World Cup promise is being kept and bringing much delight to fans!

Enrique Iglesias isn’t the only one that made a promise tied to the World Cup. Iglesias has always had the attention of women, but the spotlight will be on him even more thanks to his bet. Iglesias promised that he would water ski naked if Spain won the World Cup. Well, Spain is the new champion and Iglesias is looking for a Brazilian wax.

“I need to get my Brazilian wax before I do it,” he told “Actually, I’m just waiting for a day off.”

The Spanish heartthrob  is the son of balladeer Julio Iglesias, says he’ll take the birthday suit plunge in Miami’s Biscayne Bay under cover of night to avoid trouble from Miami cops.

“I never got arrested in high school for doing it,” Iglesias said. “Can you really get arrested for skiing naked?”

Iglesias has his concerns about a late night ski – and it’s not that his fans won’t be able to fully catch a glimpse of an exposed Enrique.

“The only thing I’m worried about is if you fall at night,” he said. “There’s sharks in the water.”