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LONG ISLAND, NY – One college professor thinks she has come up with the solution to the BP Oil Spill!

At first glance, Alia Sabur may appear like your average 21-year-old. The truth is that the Long Island resident is actually a genius, having started her engineering Ph.D. at 14. She also holds the distinction of breaking a 300-year-old record by becoming the youngest-ever college professor at the age of 19. BP may find a solution to the oil spill in Sabur.

According to The NY Post, Sabur claims to have the answer to stop the gushing oil spill. With the “top kill,”‘junk shot” and “top hat” techniques having failed, Sabur is pushing the idea of “seabed retread” as the solution. Her radical idea would require surrounding a pipe with deflated automobile tires, inserting them into the leaking riser, and then inflating the tires to form a seal.

“It’s not completely out there, considering that tires are used for everything and they’re expected to withstand a lot,” Sabur told The Post.

Sabur was inspired while watching television reports of failed attempts to plug the whole last week, she said. Within a few minutes, she had sketched out her idea on paper.

“I can’t believe that at this point, with all our technology, that something like this can happen and devastate an entire area,” she said. “Even at the smallest estimate, it’s still a lot of oil.”

The prodigy, who has received awards and fellowships from NASA and the Department of Defense, decided to take a different track from BP’s latest strategy, the “lower marine riser package,” in which the riser pipe is cut and a housing is placed over it to collect the oil. Sabur admits that she’s not certain the inflated tires would be enough to do the job.

“But if it works, then it might be possible to then put something on top of it – to brace the inserted pipe – to do something more permanent,” she said. “Obviously, I hope that what they’re doing now works. It’s just absolutely terrible.”

It seems as though the “minds” at BP are running out of ideas and striking out left and right. The fallout from the oil spill is tremendous and it is only getting worse. Some of the best ideas aren’t coming from BP, but rather from people like Kevin Costner and Alia Sabur. We can only hope that the tragic event is contained sooner rather than later.