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NEW YORK, NY – The Spider-Man community has launched a campaign for their new superhero!

If a certain Spider-Man fan base has their way, the web-slinger will be played for the first time by an African-American. A new Twitter campaign has been launched that is trying to nominate Donald Glover for the role of Spider-Man. Glover, best known for his role on NBC’s “Community,” would take the lead for Sony’s upcoming reboot of the superhero franchise.

The Twitter hashtag “donald4spiderman” became the #3 trending topic in the U.S. this past holiday weekend. The campaign is slowly growing in popularity by the day.

The fact that Glover is African-American is garnering this recent push a lot of interest, coupled with the fact that his comedy background could bring the humor back to the character of Peter Parker. Spider-Man is an iconic figure and the fact that Glover is African-American could definitely bring about some sort of fan backlash from those fans that like to keep their superheroes the way they are. Although those fans might make of a minor percentage, it would be enough to cause studios to steer clear of the idea and avoid controversy.

Regardless, the Spidey faithful have voiced their displeasure with the leading five candidates to replace the superhero. The list of five is mainly comprised of largely unknown white actors who have had very minor roles in past projects.

Glover has taken notice of the ongoing campaign and has joined in the good spirited fun. He has been promoting the campaign, and has instructed fans to tweet the #donald4spiderman hash tag at strategic times to keep it trending. With social-media at such an all-time high in popularity, a campaign like this can really catch fire and have a serious impact. Take the recent use of social-media to land Betty White a hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live.”

Glover doesn’t necessarily carry stacked credentials. Aside from his role in “Community,” Glover was a former writer for “30 Rock” and his only starring role in a movie was in the 2009 comedy “Mystery Team.” That might be more than his “competition” can claim so he shouldn’t have much to worry about when it comes to big reputations. With such an uprise to promote him as the new Spider-Man, the least that could happen is that he gets a tryout.