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NEW YORK, NY – Funny man Dana Carvey raised some eyebrows last night with his appearance on The Tonight Show. Church Lady may have to intervene!

Dana Carvey appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote a stand-up special, which left much to be desired. Carvey’s whole act seemed predicated on mocking other races and using them as the basis of his jokes.

Carvey is known as a comedy legend, dating back to his days on Saturday Night Live, but during his interview he kept doing terrible ethnic impressions that nobody asked him to do. It wasn’t as if Jay Leno was urging him to give the public questionable ethnic impressions. Carvey initiated everything, Jay Leno could only sit back and watch and you could almost hear an awkward laugh from the crowd.

Church Lady Enid Strict has gotten wind of this ethnic tirade and will be reaching out to Carvey. The host of Church Chat, who has sometimes been called uptight and smug, feels as though Carvey needs a good Christian intervention.

“Well, isn’t that SPECIAL!?” said Strict. “Carvey’s impressions have shown him in a very improper light. Carvey has shown an immense lack of piety and a secular lifestyle. I’m going to have to sit him down, give him my judgmental admonishments, and culminate with my ‘Superior dance’ to save him from damnation.”

No word on if this meeting will actually be realized.