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Bristol Palin held her first interview since giving birth Monday night with Greta Von Susteren.  The 18 year old daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin talked about her experience as a mother and her mother’s policies towards education.

“Mom says that science and stuff is too hard to force kids to learn.  That the world is too complicated to have just happened by accident, and things like an eyeball show signs of a designer.  She’s right, Bio is totally hard.  But if you work at it, it does kinda make sense.”

She then went on a diatribe about carbon dating, genetic transference, and paleoanthropology.

Bristol held up her Lisa Frank notebook filled with equations and diagrams which categorically disprove the possibility of Intelligent Design.

“It’s a nice idea, but it’s just not realistic.  I mean, Lucy?  The entire pre-hominid fossil record?  Hello??”

Sarah Palin, who was sitting in the room at the time, looked increasingly more uncomfortable.  Eventually she broke the silence saying:

“Well now none of us were there so we can’t know for sure…”

“Omigod Mom, it’s called Gene Mapping, don’t even get me started!”

The two said in an awkward silence until Sarah went into a speech thanking Von Susteren and the other personalities at Fox News for being the last saviors of Democracy.  Bristol rolled her eyes and mumbled math equations under her breath.