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LOS ANGELES, CA – Rumors are circulating that Carrie Prejean made a sex tape.  Prejean claims it wasn’t her, but a clone created to discredit her!

“Any rumors of me starring in a sex tape are false,” Prejean said in a press conference.  “It is my belief that the woman in those videos is a clone created by the Left Wing Conspiracy because I don’t agree with their agenda,”  Prejean spoke through tears on the steps of the Sacramento Courthouse.

Carrie Prejean was involved in a lawsuit with the Miss America organization, over being dropped from the competition after saying she did not approve of gay marriage.  Prejean dropped the suit when it came to light that Miss America had a copy of a sex tape which appears to feature the former beauty queen.  “That isn’t me!” she continues to insist.

According to Prejean the “Vast Left Wing Conspiracy” set her up for being a highly visible voice of opposition to their agenda.  While most of America was focused on Prejean being ousted from the competition, scientists from America’s liberal universities began their work using materials gained from earlier in her modeling career.

A clone was quickly created, and aged aritificially, to be used for a public assault on Prejean’s credibility.  Programmed with a personality Prejean would never approve of, the newly created clone was taped having a staged yet turid affair.

“If anything, the creators of this clone should be here defending themselves,” said Prejean’s attorney.  “Having put a clearly underage and impressionable creature into a sexual position.  Clearly this is a gross legal and ethical violation.”

Representatives from the Left Wing Conspiracy refused to comment on the situation.  Inside sources tell Weekly World News that the Left Wing Conspiracy had nothing to do with the creation of the video, but had a hand in its distribution.