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NEW YORK, NY – The Left Wing is furious over inaccuracies in Time Magazine’s story on Glenn Beck.  Independent research shows he is NOT king of a small Pacific island.


“They are my people, and they love me,” Beck says in his Time interview, which hits shelves today.  “I heard about this island that didn’t have power, or running water, and I thought ‘what would Jesus do?’  Jesus would buy a small Pacific island.  Since then, they made me king!”

Glenn Beck does not own an island.  Nor was he captain of his High School Football team.  Nor did he go tandem bungee jumping with Queen Elizabeth II.  These are just some of the claims that has the Left Wing in a stir over the Time article.  They claim that the article distorts facts in Beck’s favor, for the sake of appealing to a wider readership.

Time Magazine claims that every effort was made to keep the story balanced, factual, and non-partisan.  “Have you seen this guy?” asked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  “There’s no way he used to be a Calvin Klein model!”

But according to Time, he did.  Beck says of the incident, “I’m not proud that a picture of me in my underwear was hung in Times Square. But the money I earned helped save an El Salvadorean village, so Jesus and I think it’s okay.”