NEW YORK, NY – The Left Wing is furious over inaccuracies in Time Magazine’s story on Glenn Beck.  Independent research shows he is NOT king of a small Pacific island.
“They are my people, and they love me,” Beck says in his Time interview, which hits shelves today.  “I heard about this island that didn’t have power, or running water, and I thought ‘what would Jesus do?’  Jesus would buy a small Pacific island.  Since then, they made me king!”
Glenn Beck does not own an island.  Nor was he captain of his High School Football team.  Nor did he go tandem bungee jumping with Queen Elizabeth II.  These are just some of the claims that has the Left Wing in a stir over the Time article.  They claim that the article distorts facts in Beck’s favor, for the sake of appealing to a wider readership.
Time Magazine claims that every effort was made to keep the story balanced, factual, and non-partisan.  “Have you seen this guy?” asked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  “There’s no way he used to be a Calvin Klein model!”
But according to Time, he did.  Beck says of the incident, “I’m not proud that a picture of me in my underwear was hung in Times Square. But the money I earned helped save an El Salvadorean village, so Jesus and I think it’s okay.”

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16 thoughts on “GLENN BECK TIME COVER”

  1. say what you will —millions love and support him..he exosed acorn for the nuts they are and makes oberman matthews and Ed look like little diaper boys carrying crap in their pants!

  2. It is amazing how TIME and the leftist are trying to do everything in their power to belittle this man and his message. He is not for the left or the right wings, he is for AMERICA. Grow up people and listen to the truth.

    • So why did he he send the money to the El Salvadorean village (thats if he even did)
      Charity begins at home in AMERICA …we need…people with health insurance need it ….

  3. Unlike politicians and Obama (who is just a very power hungry politician who happens to be president of the USA for now), Glenn Beck talks from his heart and conscience, and Beck cares enough about America to offer explanations and truth for what is happening to our country. I trust Glenn Beck extremely more than I trust Barack Obama to tell the truth. Glenn Beck is not a politician running for office. Just like eating a balanced diet for good nutrition, an individual needs a balanced source of information in order to evaluate what they believe to be truth and what they determine to be lies and deception. Democrats vs. republicans is not what is important unless you are a politician in office or running for office. The important thing is good government with accountability and transparency by and for the people.

  4. LOL @ "concerned citizen" you are clueless.
    @ Sal, where did you hear that ABC? CNBC? CNN? It must be true… because they aren't bias or anything…
    @ Sal again… we are paying for all the illegal aliens here in America because border control isn't "top priority" (and neither apparently is our security!) We have so many programs and opportunities here, (for now…) to choose from (for now…) soon we won't need to choose it will just be forced upon us and once there is a salary cap and all those who work their tails off and go to college for better jobs to get ahead in the world and make good money are getting robbed from to give to the poor or what they call "wealth redistribution" we won't have to worry about where anyone is sending their money because we won't have any to send! So you can call him UnAmerican it wont hurt his or those who actually know what is going on feelings. Because in my opinion he is one of a handfull of people who really do CARE about this country and what it stands for. Is Beck the one that wants to rewrite the Constitution which is what this country was BUILT upon… no wait that is OBAMA!!!

  5. It appears to be that New York Times will not print a comment that is favorable to Glenn Beck and negative to Barack Obama. You need to take the ear plugs out of your ears and take the blindfold off of your eyes, you might learn that more people are starting to listen to Glenn Beck than to mainstream media because they want to hear the truth about what is going on in America. Something else for your information…Millions and millions of Americans did not vote for Obama and millions and millions of people who did vote for Obama have learned that his grandiose speeches are full of lies and deceptions and his agenda for America is taking America in the wrong direction….Look at the polls regarding the direction the country is going. I have had pictures of Obama mailed to me and I put them in my shredder. I think a lot of people are sick of seeing Obama's mug everywhere. It is a nice change for you to put Glenn Beck's picture on TIME.

  6. Glen Beck gives to charities in America and abroad…..not because he is forced to but because he wants to. Is he goofy? Yah. Do we love him? Absolutely! He speaks for us…..the real American…..black, white, brown, rich, poor, religious or not. He speaks for all those who still believe in decency, honesty, accountability and hard work. Look at the numbers….they speak for themselves. Decent Americans from every walk of life are listening and rising up to hear the truth. He doesn't really care what people say about him…..there are more important things at stake.


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