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BANGKOK – The largest stingray ever caught was recorded and released back into the wild. But was it of this earth?

A British man visiting Thailand to help with a stingray tagging program was nearly pulled overboard. Ian Welch just happened to catch the largest freshwater fish ever landed, a 770-pound stingray! The ray was seven feet wide by seven feet long, with a monstrous ten-foot stinger.


It required 13 men in total to finally get the stingray onto the boat for inspection. After tagging and recording the ray, which was actually pregnant, it was released back into the water.

However, their records may be uselss. Weekly World News editors have noticed a distinct resemblance to the aliens featured in the widely-acclaimed documentary The Abyss, filmed by James Cameron. Did Welch make an even more important discovery? Are these aliens coming closer to shore?