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Aliens have landed in Volgograd and are taking over several large buildings.

UFO sightings and other supernatural phenomena have occurred on a regular basis in this area of Russia.  Many local residents claim that they had been in contact with extraterrestrial beings and unknown creatures.

But in recent weeks, a large majority of residents have seen aliens walking the streets, taking over buildings and overtaking coffee shops.

“They are here.  We know it and Russia is trying to keep it a secret.”

Dr. John Malley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials told WWN that the aliens that have occupied Volgograd are from Planet Zeeba.  The Zeebans are here to help humans and mean no harm.  This kind of town takeover will occur with greater frequency over the next 15 months.”

Svetlana, a resident of Volgograd, could see a Zeeban spaceship hovering above the maternity hospital in the town of Zhirnovsk. When the woman returned back home, she started having strange dreams. In her dreams, she could see a tall and handsome man wearing a glistening bodysuit. The man ordered her to quit her job, raise a loan, find an office and open a firm.

Svetlana’s husband left her at first. He returned to her in a year, when she became a successful businesswoman.

Some time later, Svetlana saw two extraterrestrials in her dream. The humanoids told her that it was time to pay for her success. They told her that she would have to go with them for it.

Two days ago, as she was walking up the stairs to her apartment, Svetlana saw a glowing object in the window. The windowpane broke to pieces. The windows of her Audi vehicle, which was parked near the apartment building, got  covered with strange silvery dust.

 Some residents in Volgograd, say the Zeebans have had sex with them. The women that have made this claim said that they knew the Zeebans wanted to have sex with them and they thought they would be attacked. But the Zeebans did not advance when they felt any hesitancy.  But the women then made advances on the Zeebans – and they had sex.

A man named as Vladimir said that one day, when he went out for a cigarette break, he saw several women approaching him. For some reason, the man thought that the women were visitors on Earth. The women asked the man to follow them. They took him to a strange cylindrical construction, where one of the women performed an act of sexual intercourse with him.

Rimma, a middle-aged woman, was married four times. She had to divorce her husbands for one and the same reason. As soon as she got in bed with her husband, she would feel the presence of a Zeeban.   She had sex with the alien after her real husband would fall asleep.

A Local ufologist Gennady Belimov believes that the stories told by those people are true and is moving to Volgograd to meet with Zeebans and personally.  “This is the most exiting time to be alive, in all of human existence.”

Reporting by

Margarita Troitsyna