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More than 90 million Americans have lived past lives on other planets, astounding evidence reveals!

Incredibly, researchers working independently of each other have come to the same mind-boggling conclusion that a great number of Americans are transplanted aliens.

People who were hypnotically regressed by different experts told remarkably similar stories about their past lives in other worlds – ruling out the possibility of coincidence.

In a massive five-year study of more than 6,000 people who uncovered their past lives while under hypnosis, one-fifth described earlier existences on other planets, Steiger said.

Amazingly similar findings were reported by three other leading past-life researchers, Dr. Edith Fiore, Frederick Lenz, and Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, who have each done hundreds of regressions.

After analyzing his hypnotically regressed subjects, Steiger found those who said they lived before on other planets fell into three types:

1. Refugee aliens

These people said that in an earlier life they had fled their home planets because of catastrophic wars or natural disasters and had traveled millions of miles to Earth. Others said their space vehicles had crash-landed here and were forced to remain on this planet.

These refugees were quite like us – similar to us physically but slightly more advanced than mankind is today, Steiger said.

2. Dome-headed Utopians

Most of the people claiming past lives on other planets fell into this category. They described living on a planet with a red sky and two moons shining at night.

These people were called “Utopians,” Steiger said, because they came from planets free of crime and hunger and where all their needs were met. “Physically, they described themselves as slender, even small, with big-domed heads, long golden hair and eyelashes, no beards and no mustaches and little body hair. Their skin is golden-brown and their eyes amber, tawny or golden.

The Utopians came to Earth to help us,” he said. “They receives assignments to come to Earth in a sort of missionary or teaching role.”

3. Disembodied beings or “beings of light”

This strange group, Steiger said, consisted of entities that seemed to exist without needing food or shelter. A small number of people reported past lives as blobs of high intelligence, floating over barren, rocky, arid planets with no obvious habitation or vegetation, Steiger said.

“Sometimes they described themselves as just glowing lights, but most of the time they were totally invisible,” he added.

Dr. Fiore said she’s had a number of patients who have past-life memories on other planets. And several hundred of the 1,000 people interviewed by Lenz have described life on other planets.

“I agree with the estimate of one in five people having lived a past life in an alien world beyond Earth,” he said.

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