DONCASTER – A former British soldier has tattooed every fallen troop in Afghanistan onto his torso!
Shaun Clark, 43, served with the 8th Battalion Light Infantry Regiment from 1989 to 1996. “I wanted to do something to raise money for the heroes who still need help and to honor the memory of the fallen.
“Lots of people do things to raise money but I wanted to do something different and something permanent. It’s not just about raising money – it’s also about letting these lads know that people care about what they’re doing.”
Clark said his family thought he was crazy at first, but they quickly came around and are whole-heartedly supporting his decision.

He went to the tattoo parlor on England’s Armistice Day, November 11, which honors the armistice signed between Germany and the Allies of WWI. The first name was put on as the traditional two minutes of silence began.
He spent more than four hours in the chair, getting each of the names of the 232 British soldiers killed in Afghanitstan!
Clark has stated he will get the listed updated every year until the war is over.
He had hoped to raise £500 for the charity Help for Heroes, however due to a surprising amount of media coverage, the fund now stands at £1,508.50!
You can donate to Clark’s cause at Help the Heroes

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