Nearly 30% of all Catholic saints actually possessed some paranormal powers or had psychic experiences!
That’s the fascinating conclusion of former top parapsychologist Rhea White, who passed away in 2007.
The researcher studied the lives of 2,532 Catholic saints and found that 676 of them – an incredible 27% – had some sort of psychic experiences.
Her study revealed that 310 saints actually performed miracles and 55 had ESP.
At least 31 saints were clairvoyants and 24 had telepathic experiences, 20 could read minds and 32 predicted their own deaths.
Others had the uncanny power to be in two places at the same time, while some had the eerie ability to speak and understand languages they’d never heard before.
While most of the saints’ ESP experiences were similar to those reported by normal people, they seemed to be in command of their abilities.
“The saints tended to have some kind of control over their psychic power, and that doesn’t seem to be the case for the general population,” said Mrs. White in an earlier interview with Weekly World News.
Some saints could actually read other people’s minds. St. Paul the Simple could tell what others were thinking by looking at their faces.
Of the saints who foresaw their own deaths, 14 actually gave a specific date.
Blessed Francis Patrizzi, for example, predicted he would die on the feast of the Ascension in 1328.
When the day came, he went to preach the gospel – and died on the road.
The prayers of one saint, five-year-old Mary of Pisa, actually snapped the noose around the neck of an accused criminal who was about to be hanged.
“Horrified at what she was seeing, the child prayed so hard that the rope broke and the judges commuted the death penalty,” Mrs. White said.
When St. Daniel the Stylite foresaw a large fire in the city of Constantinople, he advised the emperor to order public prayers to save it. His advice was ignored and the blaze destroyed a large part of the city.
“It’s my hunch that there’s a connection between being religious and being psychic,” the researcher said. “It seems that religious practices such as prayer and meditation may actually induce psychic power.”

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