WASHINGTON, DC – A “No Stimulus Bill” petition being circulated by the Americans For Prosperity is gaining strong momentum.

With enough signatures the group hopes to persuade government to rewrite the bill which they believe will be disastrous for the US economy.  Although admittedly a highly conservative group, Americans For Prosperity insists that this is not simply partisan backlash.

Forwarded emails contain links to the group’s website where users can sign a petition or read what the group has to say about the bill.  Listed on the website are numerous items Americans For Prosperity claims are contained in the stimulus bill.  These include:

– $49 Million to fund same sex marriage boutiques

– $374 Million in honeybee insurance

– $58 Million in tax incentives for colleges with a Pagan Studies program

– $2 million over the course of 8 years for Nancy Pelosi’s pedicures

– $80 Billion actually would go towards pork, and supporting an already thriving pork industry. The final bill is to be printed on tanned pork hide with hog-based inks.

– 3% of the bill’s total cost would be put towards finding Harry Reid’s “true love”

– $60 Billion for a solid gold statue of Karl Marx to be placed on top of the capitol building

– $14 Million for the ACLU’s pederast and traitor legal defense fund

– $8 Billion for condom dispensers to be placed in every Kindergarten in America

– $100 Million for Jet packs for Obama appointees

– $6 Million to make saying the words “Merry Christmas” a ticketable offense

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