WASHINGTON, DC – Scott Brown is celebrating winning a seat in the Senate by doing another nude photo shoot!

Earlier this week Republican Scott Brown won a historic victory to take over Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate.  This is the first time Massachussets has had a Republican Senator in over 30 years.  Brown, the new rising star of the Republican party, has officially broken the Democrat 60 seat Super-majority, which they weren’t using anyways.  To celebrate he has decided to do another nude photo shoot.
In 1982 Scott Brown, then just a law student, was voted Cosmo magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year.  He appeared in a nude centerfold in the magazine’s June ’82 issue.  Now, 28 years later but still considered one of the most handsome men in politics, Brown wants to shed his clothes and pose again.  “I think this would be a great way to show the people that the Republican party isn’t just old, and out of touch.” said Brown.  “Heck, Republicans can even be sexy.”
Brown is currently in talks with Cosmopolitan magazine over posing nude again.  “We would love to have him back!” said Cosmo’s Vice President of Content.  Fellow Republicans are even endorsing the move.  Most feel that it will help the party shake off its image of being old white men, and help Republicans reach out to a younger, hipper, audience.  Michelle Malkin and Tucker Carlson are also said to be considering nude photo shoots.
“Ideally I’d like to pose nude on the floor of the Senate,” said Brown.  “It would be symbolic of the new blood I want to bring into politics.  The vitality I’m helping to bring to the Republican party.  On the Senate floor I’m going to be like a mighty stallion, pulling my party forward with my lean muscular frame.  Every rippling appendage surging with political power as I lead the party into the new century.  Yeah, that’d be a good photo shoot.”

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30 thoughts on “SCOTT BROWN COSMO”

  1. Wow! A good lookin' man! Maybe I'll convert… but doubt it. I'd love to hear the responses if he did pose nude on the Senate Floor.

    • I want his hunka hunka burnin' love—-and I cannot say that enough. I'm an Independent so I can swing either way…but WOW!! is right Linda! I'm SO with you on that one!!

    • Open your mind, the human body is not a shameful thing and his human body is a wonderful thing indeed!!

  2. Get over it Dems. Face it, he looks good for his age. He is representing his state and this country so he should always be a man of morals and be ethical. He should not do any additional photo shots. "We" Republicans do not need to stoop to the low standards of the Dems to prove we are hip. The young people need to respect what is right from wrong and join the 912 project which supports living a life of morals, family, and values.

  3. They'll be star struck into complacency by his awesomeness ha ha…as I said I'm an Independent (neither D or R) but I'm still young enough to appreciate a fantastic bod when I see one!

  4. Can't you morons see that the pic has been photo shopped? That pic is Brown's head on a pic of Lyle Waggoner that appeared in Playgirl. Sheesh. How gullible can you be?

  5. right now…john mccain is shaking his head, wondering if posing nude on the senate floor could have brought him a white house victory.
    (p.s… yes, i know the scott brown photo is not real, nor is the article. Great satire, though)

  6. All you Scott Brown "haters" need to Google "Lyle Waggoner Playgirl 1973". Scroll down and there you will find Lyle's photo without Scott's face has been super imposed on Lyle's picture. More Dems trying to discredit the GOP and its not working. Check the polls!


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