ANCHORAGE, AK – Sarah Palin has signed on to be a Fox News correspondent.  She claims her lack of credentials will help her connect to the “Real America.”
Sarah Palin, and apparently the executives of Fox News, believe her approachable “down homey” attitude will help her relate to viewers.  The former Governor and two time city council member will be a political commentator and analyst on all the Fox News channels.
Palin said yesterday “What America needs right now isn’t more fancy schmancy theories but a little Common Sense.  People tired of all these egghead yahoos with their ‘Research’ telling them what to do.  I’m not like those university elitists.  I’m a real person.  From the Real America.  Where people know their neighbors and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
“My lack of credentials is my credentials.  I don’t have any of that fancy book learning that would alienate me from the common man.”
Indeed Palin’s approachable image may be why she has been offered to host episodes of Fox’s “Real American Stories.”  The series which debuts later this year will chronicle the lives of Americans who have overcome adversity.
Sarah Palin has already recorded footage with several families for the series.  For the show she met with nearly a dozen destitute families who were facing hardship. Posing outside of ramshackle homes she talked about the American dream and the evils of socialism to starving children.
After a Cuban family from Florida told their story of hardship and loss Palin asked “But that’s okay ’cause this is America!  With a little hard work and a ‘You Betcha’ attitude you can get out of this mess.”  The Sosa family looked confused for a long moment and then began crying.
Fox News is expected to edit together these pieces to be inspirational testaments to conservative ideology.

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8 thoughts on “SARAH PALIN ON FOX NEWS”

  1. Since when does lacking credentials, or using improper grammar make a woman a good candidate for a talk show host. It is demeaning to the "common man, or woman". I think Palin needs to go back to school to learn about America. its history, and how to speak correctly.____Yes, she's pretty, yes she's vibrant, but what about intelligent, insightful?

  2. Funny. I cannot channel surf fast enough past MSNBC and CNN. Adding Palin to Fox News Channel just reinforces my loyalty to them. So, is it Bush's fault that she signed with Fox News?

  3. Maybe some of you haven't watch the Great Bill O'Reilly or Neil Cavuto. I have seen O'Reilly cut the Republicans down as much as he cuts the Democrat down. Neil does the same. Now funny man and that's a joke, Glenn Beck is more for the Republicans than anyone on FoxNews. His program is a JOKE.
    Yes I am a Republican who is about to go Independent in Nov. Now that's funny. I was a Democrat who voted for Jimmy Carter now he was a real JOKE, I changed to Republican in 1981 and now I may become a Independent. Sorry No green party for me, well not yet.

  4. Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear.
    Then by that time I may not be here, you see I am 80 years old and you are so slow in approving a comment that my maker may call me.

  5. I love Sarah Palin for her down to earth approach to everything and sure feel for her, having to listen to many mean spirited people, taking as many cheap shots as they can. I don't agree with a few of her views, but overall, she is a strong woman and that's what scares the democrats. It's odd too, because they claim to be all for strong women, choice to have abortions…OR not, and they put her down for her or her family choices. So hypocritical. But that is what I have come to learn about democrats and how they behave. I used to be registered as democrat years ago, til I realized what they were like. I am now Independent.


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