WASHINGTON, DC – The Health Care Bill has passed in the House of Representatives.  Joseph Cao, the one Republican to vote for it, is being ostracized by his constituents.

“For a long time they refused to talk to me based on my passionate love of the Twilight books.  Now at least I have a good reason, based on integrity and prinicples, for being ignored.”  This was Joseph Cao’s comment to reporters after this weekend’s vote in Congress to pass the Health Care Bill.  Congressman Cao was holding a copy of the bill,with a poorly hidden issue of Teen Heat featuring Robert Pattinson tucked inside.
Cao was the one Republican to cross the aisle and vote in favor of the bill.  A Representative from Louisiana, Cao is in charge of a thoroughly Democratic area and voted in the interests of his district.  Though his vote was not a deciding vote it still earned him the ire of the GOP.  Now Republicans have almost forgotten about his obsession with the young-adult vampire series.
Cao has been reprimanded several times in the House for reading the teen oriented romance novels during a session.  In a particularly embarrassing incident Cao accidentally distributed to Congress a copy of his Twilight fan fiction.  In a D.C. bar one night Cao, after several drinks, was seen walking up to a waitress and asking her, “Do I dazzle you?”  But all the derision Cao received for these incidents has been forgotten, overshadowed by his support of the Democratic bill.
“At least now they’re ignoring me for a real reason,” said Cao to reporters.  More than just his typical role as ignored fifth wheel Cao is now being actively ostricized by members of the GOP.  Unfortunately for Cao, the Democrats still won’t have anything to do with him.  Nancy Pelosi said in a statement, “We accept and appreciate Mr. Cao’s support, but our lunch-table is already quite full at this time.”

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  1. As the reliable news source that you are, it seems unlikely that you would use a questionable picture. However, I must point out that the tall man in the gray suit bears a a certain resemblance to a former Governor of Louisiana who departed this life before the Health Care vote. I am sure that my eyes deceive me and that your intrepid reporter did his or her best to verify the story but . . .


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