Singer-songwriter and rapper Ke$ha is dating a ghost.   And plans to marry him.

Ke$ha said that she fell in love with the ghost over the last few months.  “He was visiting me every night before I went to bed.  We talked and got really close and then, one thing led to another,” the singer reportedly said.

She does not feel that she is crazy or that it is unusual to be dating a ghost.


In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Ke$ha revealed last September that she had multiple intimate experiences with a ghost and that her song Supernatural was inspired by the affair.

“I don’t know I would fall in love with him,” Ke$ha said. “He was a ghost! But I was very open to it.”

Ke$ha wants to marry her ghost boyfriend, who she simply calls, TJ.    “TJ and I want to get married and we are hoping to married in San Francisco sometime in the Fall,” the singer reportedly said.


There are no laws on the books that currently prevent a person from marrying a ghost in California, but in Las Vegas, woman have been marrying Elvis for decades

Ke$ha’s Warrior Tour begins May 29 in Portsmouth, Virginia.

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  1. Whats the ghosts name?…………. carefull… theres lots of trickery, and evil things among us at this time…


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