Paranormal investigators made contact with the dog owned by  Guy Gibson, the heroic pilot who led the Dambusters raids during WWII.

Wing Commander Gibson led the Dambusters raid in 1943 from his base at RAF Scampton, near Lincoln, just hours after his black labrador, called Nigger, was run over and killed.
Paranormal investigators say the dog is still more upset about his name than about being killed.

Before taking off for the Ruhr Dams, Wing Commander Gibson left instructions for his faithful companion to be buried outside his office
But a legend sprung up around Nigger after there were several reported sightings of a black dog seen around the base following his death.
And “ghost dog” is still hanging around the base – having fun with whomever stops by.
Paranormal investigators, given special permission to stake out the operational RAF base, have claimed that the dog’s spirit spoke to them as they have picked up activity on their electronic detection equipment.
Filmed by the BBC, the team embarked on three all-night stakeouts at the base, now home to the Red Arrows.
Paul Drake, the lead investigator, was inspired by a 1987 photograph showing a mystery black dog at the opening of a Damsbusters memorial in the nearby village of Woodhall Spa.
“I saw a picture that had the dog in it, which the photographer said was not there when it was taken, and that has stayed in the back of my mind for a few years,” said Mr Drake, 49, a computer engineer and founder of Paranormal Lincs.
“After I saw the picture I got in contact with RAF Scampton to see if we could do an investigation. I never dreamed they would say ‘yes’ as it is still an operational base and everything has to go through the base commander.
The name of Gibson’s black labrador was used as a code word whenever one of Germany’s Ruhr Dams was breached during the “bouncing bomb” mission in May 1943, and was immortalized in the 1955 film starring Richard Todd.
Among the specialist kit used by the paranormal team were infra-red lights, proximity sensors and video cameras.
Mr Drake added: “We have been up there on three different occasions, each time we had lengthy contact with Ghost Dog.  He’s still going strong, as lively as ever.”
Fellow paranormal investigator, Michelle Clements, added: “We are looking for the spirit of Guy Gibson, but no luck so far.”
Before his death Nigger was always at the side of Gibson, who would take him for long walks around the airfield.
The raid on the Möhne, Eder and Sorpe Dams was launched on 16 May 1943. Only hours before the raid Gibson was informed that Nigger had been run over by a car outside the camp and he was killed instantaneously.
Gibson returned and was subsequently awarded the Victoria Cross but was later killed on a raid against Germany in September 1944, when his Mosquito plane crashed in Holland.
The first sighting of Ghost Dog was in February 1952 when a mess waiter working at RAF Scampton reported seeing a “phantom” black dog on the base.
From The Telegraph
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  1. Aye, let's figure out somethings about a possible ancient history – How some animals could have been half ghost and half material! Some food for thought!…


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