The ghost of Princess Diana appeared suddenly at the Weekly World News headquarters this morning!
The Princess begged interns, reporters, writers and editors and even a custodian to help encourage William and Kate to have a baby as soon as possible.  Di wants to be a grandghost as soon as possible.
WWN reporters were stunned:

Di also wanted to clear up rumors that she had ever cheated on Prince Charles.
She told Senior Editor, Frank Lake. “Like any woman trapped in a failed marriage, I longed to be loved,” she said.  “I often wanted to – I often thought about how wonderful it would be – but I did not cheat on my husband, Prince Charles.”
Rumors that Princess Di went into a back office with Senior Editor, Frank Lake, are false, though they may be true.  “Frank looked happier than he’s been in years,” said reporter Maleeka Springs.
Maleeka didn’t seem that affected by Di’s ghost. “We see a lot of ghosts around here. It’s no big deal.” said Springs.

“It was a stunning experience -something I’ll never ever forget no matter how long I live, says editor-at-large Tap Vann, who was the first to spot the shimmering spirit when it appeared in the northsest corner of the building.
“It was history in the making – one of those defining moments when you realize that your life suddenly has become very, very special,” said editor, Elsa Akesson.
But this wasn’t merely a social call on Frank Lake.  She clearly was on a mission.
In a voice trembling with emotion, she said that she wants Kate to have a baby – soon.  “What’s taking them so long.”
Di has long been an avid reader of Weekly World News – and she still is.  “You guys reported that Kate’s pregnant, but I passed through her womb today and I didn’t see a baby – what gives!”
Reporter Sarah Haddad assured Princess Di’s ghost that Kate was indeed pregnant. “Our sources have confirmed it many times.”

“Well, I didn’t see a baby.  I’ll have to go back and check again.
Princess Di then disappeared into a cubicle with Frank Lake.
After that, Princess Di’s ghost floated toward the center of the office.  Everyone watched her floating – doing some amazing twists and turns.  One intern got a glimpse of more than he bargained for.  “Wow, I never saw a ghost like that!” said intern Mark Mamanork.
I know we’re supposed to be journalists who can handle, big, big breaking stories, as they develop, but I was speechless.  And so was everybody else in the room,” said Garrett Hawley.
“Everybody was shell-shocked. We were all in awe.  And I think Frank Lake was almost dead,” said reporter Samuel T. Westbrook.”

“At first I thought it was somebody dressed up like Diana,” said one IT person . “But when I saw her moving over the floor without touching it with her feet, I started to say something but the words just wouldn’t come out.”
Paranormal expert Dr. Denton Perimore often works with Weekly World News on reports involving ghosts. And he says Diana’s appearance is not as strange as we might think.
“Spirit entities are often finely attuned to events on Earth and this would seem to be a textbook example, says the Washington-based expert, citing as proof Diana’s keen awareness of her surroundings and the facts about Kate and William.
As for appearing in a top American newsroom, nothing could make more sense.
“Diana couldn’t go to the British press because they tormented her while she was alive with lurid and mean-spirited stories that hurt her deeply.  To reach the most people possible and turn the tide of public opinion against the inquests. Weekly World News is a natural.”
“I just hope she comes back!” said Frank Lake.

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