Some people live with ghosts and actually learn to love them like members of the family, psychic investigators say.
“We’ve come across several cases where people not only live in homes that are haunted but love the ghosts and treat them like family – even giving them names,” said famed paranormal researcher Ed Warren.
In one incredible case, the ghost of a young girl terrified a wealthy Connecticut couple who lived in an old house. They called Warren and his wife Lorraine to investigate after they heard pounding in the cellar.
“We moved into the house and Lorraine was able to communicate with the girl,” Warren revealed.
“She explained that she had died around 1780 when she was 21 years old. She’d been a servant in the house and died after she fell from a horse.  She told Lorraine that she remained in the house because it was where she’d been happiest in her life.
“The explanation put the couple’s mind at rest. They began to love their ghost and even gave her a name – Marybelle.
And the ghost became helpful. Once it even found a lost lantern for the couple.
“One night, almost as a joke, the wife said out loud, ‘Won’t you help us find the lantern, Marybelle?’ An hour later she went up to her bedroom – and there was the lantern lying on her bed,” Warren said.
Another fascinating case involved a Connecticut architect whose wife had died. He began seeing an attractive female ghost whenever he got lonely.
“I was able to communicate with the spirit,” Lorraine Warren said. “There was no doubt in my mind that she had been drawn to that house to counsel the man in his loneliness.
“When I explained this, he came to accept her presence. He has no intention of getting rid of his ghost. She has eased his loneliness.”
In yet another case, a wealthy but lonely widow shared her big Manhattan home with the ghost of a young man. Psychic Shawn Robbins was able to contact the spirit.
“He told me that his fiancee had committed suicide in the house,” Robbins said. “He himself died shortly afterward, still terribly grieved. He’d stayed in the house since then, a troubled soul.
“He felt the woman who now owned the house was a sympathetic person to whom he could reveal himself.
“Once she was given an explanation she could believe, she was very happy to have the ghost around.”
Ed Warren concluded, “There is a lesson to be learned here – ghosts don’t have to be terrifying or forbidding. You can learn to live with them.”

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