KARNATAKA, INDIA – A mutated human? An alien hybrid? What is it?!

It’s just Ashes, the hairless chimpanzee! Ashes is a 13 year old chimp that lives at the Mysore Zoo in India.


[image courtesy of richu]

Ashes was born with fur like any other chimpanzee. But by just a year old, he had lost all of it! While he is somewhat frightening, it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to see a chimp’s musculature.

Ashes is not the only one of his rare kind. Another hairless chimp called Cinder was born at the Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri. Also born with full hair, she soon lost it but was still readily accepted by the other chimps.



Both animals suffer from alopecia universalis, which is also found among humans! Sadly, Cinder passed away this past February, so curious visitors will have to travel to India to get a peek at Ashes.


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  1. I am so sorry to see that the zoo had so little regard to her privacy away from gocking humans
    and nothing but artifitial trees and rocks. It was terrible for her and the other chimps the way all
    that glass so humans can get their kicks. I hope soon things will change for the better for
    zoo animals and not for the public. The public doesn't even give enough money, simply because
    the way the zoos treat animals is what people see. If I ran a zoo I'd do it like Gorilla Haven, have
    a sanctuary where humans must be quiet and peek thru bushes and trees. This way the
    primates can live a half decent life. Zoos should think of the animals first NOT PEOPLE.

  2. Technically monkeys have tails – humans, chimpanzees and gorillas are all apes. Monkeys and apes are all primates, along with others like lemurs.

    If you're reading this then yes, you're an ape, and not very different from Ashes, either genetically, socially or behaviourally. There's a picture of Ashes in the November 2009 National Geographic that should make it pretty clear that you're looking at someone very much like you, perhaps without the human sense of entitlement.

    A genetic abnormality something like the one Ashes and Cinder have is probably what left our ancestors without most of their hair.

    • nope, I am not an ape . If you classify your self as such that is great . At least you won't
      have to worry about the afterlife an such . Hell you could probably get a job @ the zoo as
      an exhibit or you could sell pop corn or ? Hey do you look like the Geico cavemen ?

    • Sometimes a human baby is born with a tail. It is rare, but it happens. This shows that a genotype is there, but rarely phenotiically expressed. It is undoubedly some type of recessive gene.

  3. If he were free then maybe his hair would grow back. Just a thought! I don't see what is so fascinating about a hairless chimp. Has anyone thought that perhaps the stress of capture and being stared at all day long is the cause of his hairless condition. They are such wonderful animals and should all be free. From a Wildlife Rehabilitator.

  4. Twycross Zoo England also have two hairless chimps. Jambo and Mongo (father and son) and both lost there hair at around the same age.

  5. Actually these are two different hairless chimps. Ashes is a male who is still alive as far as I know and Cinder was a female who died last year.

  6. @Wildlife Rehab:
    I quote: "Both animals suffer from alopecia universalis." Comprehend the articles you comment on, please.

    @John Courter:
    Yes, you are an ape. You are also a mammal. I will not follow this chain to bony fish and similar creatures, as you can not even grasp your immediate ancestry.

  7. Ok so for all you people out there that are saying this is an ape your wrong. This is actually a new breakout artist in the rap world. Her name is Nikki Minaj and she has several new smash hits out. Nikki got her start with cash money records and a little help from LIl wayne. She is most famous for her resemblance to an ape and wild dance moves. Her new single, “fling that dung at your homegirl”, is about to drop this winter so be on the look out.

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