CARTER COUNTY, KY – Bat Boy was spotted joining in on a bat swarm in an effort to meet girls.

There comes a time in every little bat boy’s life when girls stop being gross and start being intriguing. After being turned down by his first love Meghan McCain, it appears that Bat Boy is on a mission to understand the opposite sex.

He recently visited the Bat Cave State Nature Preserve in Kentucky to join in on a bat swarm, a type of mating ritual for bats. But his efforts were to no avail; Bat Boy was left standing on the ground, flowers in hand, as the bats swooped and chirped far out of his reach. He was of no interest to these ladies of the night.

After being rejected by both human and bat females, will Bat Boy ever find The One?

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3 thoughts on “BAT BOY IN BAT SWARM”

  1. I think Batboy is a bit confused, perhaps he goes both ways? He obviously is awkward around girls, and that could be because he is hitting THAT TIME. BUT he was also seen protesting prop 8. He could be gay.We know he watches TV alot, and he may have stumbled on one of those preachy shows and thinks that being gay (or bi,his love for meghan mccain seemed real) and thinks its wrong. Im pretty sure I saw him getting cozy with Manigator at the beach….

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