NEW YORK, NY – The world famous 104-year-old strongman has died – after being hit by a car!
Joe Rollino began his career as a strongman in the 1920s at the famous Coney Island carnival. Billed as the “Strongest Man in the World,” he could lift up to 3,200 pounds in front of stunned audiences!
He reportedly lifted 634 pounds with a single finger, and even 475 pounds with just his teeth!

Friends couldn’t believe his state of health. At 104 years old, he was still exercising every day. He had never drank or smoked cigarettes, and had been a vegetarian all his life.
At his last birthday party, friend Peter Spanakos handed him a quarter, and he was still able to bend it between his fingers!
“And you know what, he apologized,” said Spanakos. “He said he used to be able to do it with a dime.”
Yesterday, Rollino was struck by a car as he crossed the Bay Ridge Parkway in Brooklyn. He suffered a broken pelvis, broken ribs and head trauma. He passed away at a hospital a few hours later.

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