11 thoughts on “BAT BOY CAPTURED!”

  1. I`ve heared that they made a book about bat boy let me tell it….THE STORY OF BAT BOY:A man saw a kid in a cave he was 4 years old and had ponty ears and weight 19 pounds.The man took the kid 2 the hospital and the docters said that he could only eat BUGS.BAT BOY ASCAPED,people say that they see bat boy sometimes….THEN A MAN CAPTURED HIM AND LEFT HIM IN HIS GARAGE.BUT he escaped AGAIN AND HE WAS NEVER FOUND HIM EVER…..THATS WATH PEOPLE SAY IF U READ THE BOOK IT SHOWS A PIC. OF HIM ATTACKING A GIRL.U BETTER BE CAREFULL BECUSE U NEVER KNOW IF HE COULD ATTACK U WHEN UR ASLEEP MAYBE HE IS UNDER UR BED OR EVEN BESIDE U COULD BE THE NEXT ON HIS DINNER LIST.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


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