PANAMA CITY – A group of Panamanian teenagers claim to have killed and photographed a monster!
A group of teenagers, ranging from 14 years to 16 years old, were spending time outside in Cerro Azul when they spotted the creature. According to them, it startled them when it suddenly crawled out of a cave.
As it came towards them, they panicked and began to throw things at it. It subsequently died from the injuries inflicted, after which the teenagers ran away.
Apparently they went back to take photos, as they were posted on
It’s appearance near water and its lack of hair has lead to comparisons to the famous Montauk Monster, a still unsolved creature that washed ashore on Long Island.
However, the ‘paws’ on the monster are leading some to believe it is merely a sloth missing it’s fur.


141 thoughts on “PANAMA'S MONTAUK MONSTER?”

  1. id beat them lil foreign kids to death if i new where to find em, but why the fu** dont we put it under the knife and find out what it is no1 ever does this when a 'monster' is found

  2. The conclusion I get from reading all of the comments is that it could be an previously unknown creature. It could be a cross between a sloth and something. A new species. I don't believe this is a prank of SHAVING a sloth, maybe a prank, maybe not, im leaning towards it not a hoax. Those kids had every right to attack the animal.Sure they could have run from it, sure they could have left it alone. It was chasing them, if it was quicker than them. Im not saying it was RIGHT but it was self defense not just because they wanted to kill it, according to the story hopefully it is accurate.

  3. Oh for Christ's sake. If you are going to promote God and say he is creating new animals – THEN PLEASE – spell properly and use capitals. I'm sure if you believe in God, it isn't hard to put a capital G. I don't even believe in him and I'm able to put a G.
    On a side note, totally a sloth; possibly mutated or perhaps climate change is causing them to adapt. Wouldn't be the first time.

  4. Oh seriously. If a human being can have 8 legs, mermaid tails, multiple organs, and have their mouth and nose connected together due to mutations in the cells; then WHY can't it just be a sloth that mutated before birth. WHICH would explain the fact that it lacks the qualities of a healthy sloth, and to account for the lack of hair/fur: when a creature is left in water, the tiny cells expand (making us human look rinkled up), and that in turn, could alter the physical appearance of the "monster". Also, if it was mutated, then perhaps it was not born with fur – and that in the nature of things, could have made it possible for it to fall into the ocean and die.
    For those who believe it's God's gift, or claim that it's a new alien species. Look at everyone mutated or retarded (sorry, for the lack of a better word) in human society. Sloths are close to our gene pattern and branch from us at some point. If we can alter dramatically over an extra chormosone (down-syndrome), it isn't too far fetched to believe this creature was once a normal sloth.
    Sorry if I offended anyone.

  5. this is mentioned in this video from an MKULTRA mind controlled military assassin who was part of what they called Project Seagate – a military genetic experiment to combine dolphin and human DNA for military purposes…. he said that this is a case where the experiment had "failed".

  6. Something small and runs fast I would rush forward and give it a good kick, anyways I got friends to help me if it pinches my nose with its teethless mouth, and instead of a ball and socket joint that we have on your shoulders this animal has a gliding joint, like on out hands and feet.
    If it has sloth DNA why only are the claws of its kind? and whats with the big tummy and super small head and what about it being teethless?
    I wonder how they beat it to death, with rocks and sticks or shoes and fists.
    We should stop experamenting before we do something very wrong, like making an animal that reproduces like ants and as dangurous as wolves, thats just to much!

  7. It looks 100% like a sloth, think about it, a sloth crawls when on the floor, if you looks at pictures of sloths crawling, almost on their stomachs, the claw, which is quite prominent, the tongue, which the sloth is well known for, and finally both the eyes and nose. No doubt we have ourselves a dead sloth, seriously, even if the creature was a dangerous sloth, why kill it, why do these ignorant people do this, I have seen sloths as babies, they are so cute, this poor thing couldn't have retaliated, humanity this is, pure, ignorance of human nature, us humans are the dangerous race and breed, not the animals. Nature will hopefully get back at us one day.

  8. HOLY CRAP that thing is like ET!! Those people had no right to kill it! It could have been the biggest discovery in man kind if it said "ET fone home"

    • doesn't really look like a hairless sloth, if you compare the shape of their faces. the dead thing has really rounded features. and also, i would say that crispy dried up thing they found on the beach looks like a snapping turtle without its shell, but it has teeth and turtles don't have teeth. so i'm calling photoshop on everything.

  9. like the original montauk monster it was not killed by those teenagers it had decomposed in water and they just happened to stumble across it

  10. So I looked at the sloth picture and this picture. They have their similarities and differences. The eyes on this picture is to far away from the snout/nose. In other pictures (live ones), the eyes are closer to the snout/nose. I'm not saying this is not a sloth. I'm saying if it is a sloth, this is a different unknown species of sloth!

  11. its a sloth alright. these are my favourite animals, i know full well what they look like. Hell knows what it was doing in a cave, for all we know some sick person might have shaved the poor thing and slung it in there. Sloths are near harmless, especially when on the floor; their legs arn't designed for supporting the weight of ther bodies, but for carrying it ( if that makes sense). Their claws makes it impossible to walk properly aswell. It might have been scared and went for them, but even then it would have been more likely to try and get away from them. Sloths usually only attack during mating seasons and when protecting young, so it might not have even seen them as a threat until it was too late. Poor thing. 🙁

    • if they are indeed your favourite "ANIMAL" then you would know that they are in fact mammals. sorry but they are also mine and i just had to point that out 🙂

    • …why did you point out that they are mammals? what did that have to do with what she said about them?

  12. If you look in the top left of the picture you see hair !!!! It's a sloth that either died and fell in the river or "fell in and died". It's clearly a bloated corpse of a dead sloth and it's OBVIOUS !! A mutated hairless sloth ??? LMAO


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