FAIRDALE, KY – A Kentucky man believes he has photos of a Bigfoot in his backyard!
Kevin Mahoney set up a motion-sensitive camera in his backyard, to take photos of any passing wildlife. Mahoney checked the camera last week, expecting to see squirrels and rabbits, but found something much stranger.
Mahoney said, “It looked like it had the outline of a head, and, like, gorilla-type shoulders, and then the arms crossed is what it looks like to me.”
Unlike most Bigfoot sightings, Mahoney does not believe it is the mythic creature. But he doesn’t believe it’s a bear either. His wife took the photo to a black bear expert, who said that she couldn’t confirm or deny that it was a bear. But she did say it is definitely a fur-covered animal.
What do you think it is?
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12 thoughts on “BACKYARD BIGFOOT”

  1. After having examined the photo on another news site, I could clearly see that on the left of the screen you can see the leg of a tripod style feeder which automatically dispenses feed. The photo is of a Black Crow trying to get some of the feed, you can see the feathers on the left wing, the Crow is looking up. It appears large due to the fact it is a closeup shot. The illusion is due to catching the bird with his wings in the downward motion.

    • Actually, it is very FAKE. It is of one of the gorillas in our local Louisville Zoo. The background, plants, and black bar on the right of the photo line up with the habitat. Furthermore, the way the picture looks like it is taken through something matches up with when a photo is taken through the glass at the zoo. Geez, stupid redneck trying to pass off something as real.

  2. Lets get this right, a woman in KY took it. it is clearly a case of a self portrait from a cell phone.
    it is a pic of the man's wife in KY.

  3. I talked to a guy in Paris, KY Monday morning that told me he played a trick on his son by dressing up as a GORILLA and running in front of his game cameras. This Was monday moning at 6am when I was on my way to the woods to deer hunt, I had camo on which is what brought up the conversation. It was raining hard and I had pulled over to the local "Huddle House" similar to a 'waffle house' , this gentleman and his friends had done the samething. It was really raining / storming badly. The old guy said he was waiting for his son to call him, LOL now it''s blown up into a HUGE story, now this guy might be scared to embarass his son.

  4. Which crow is it, Heckel or Jeckel? If you bird watchers would have caught this thing in your backyard you would have messed your pants before you got a good picture.

  5. ok if any of you idiots would google fairdale and paris you would see that they are pretty far apart and for someone to dress up and walk the distance. plus everybody in fairdale are armed and would have shot this creature. it seems to be an ape of some sort. if it is a crow it is a deformed one.


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