Weekly World News continues this holy feature, honoring the lesser known saints we tend to forget.
For this installment, we bring you:
Saint Marcus the Moocher
Patron Saint of the Unemployed

Saint Marcus rose to prominence in early 18th century Bavaria.  Believed to be less than motivated, Marcus only joined the ministry when he had been fired from every other job in town.
Marcus’ rise to sainthood began when he was asked to leave the monastery to minster to the needy.  Marcus took to staying with friends in various cities, often for several weeks at a time.  By a miracle, whenever his hosts went to make food for Marcus there was always something to share.  Unemployed friends were able to feed their families for the first time in months.  And hosts of Marcus who played the lottery while he was staying on their couch won small fortunes.
Households that got tired of Marcus and kicked him out were devoured by locusts.
Now Marcus is considered the patron saint of mooching, the unemployed, and lotto tickets.
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