ANCHORAGE, AK – This past weekend, the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships were held in Alaska.

Over 300 competitors from around the world flew in to compete in a number of contests, including the Garibaldi Full Beard, Sideburns/Muttonchops and Freestyle Moustache.

But for the first time, an American took the top prize, as well as the full beard freestyle! Germans have dominated the freestyle since it began in the early 1990’s. But they had become predictable, and after growing his beard out for over two years, David Traver decided to give it a shot.

Traver knew it had to be unique, and spent time brainstorming with his beard stylist, Ledjha Carson. After throwing out inspirations of eagle wings, moose antlers and even a sled dog team, they decided on using a snowshoe design. Carson spent 90 minutes the morning of the contest weaving Traver’s beard, but it proved to be worth it.

He won the Full Beard Freestyle and the overall contest, and received an engraved gold pan.


Traver intends to now shave the 20-inch beard, stating, “It’s like my wife said, ‘You can’t go any higher.’ ” However, he will only shave it for whomever donates the most money to a local charity, Covenant House.

Look below for other amazing competitors:


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