OASIS, GA – With an ever worsening economic climate, millions are turning to recipes from the Great Depression to help save money. Dozens of websites have sprung up offering authentic tips and suggestions from the countries darkest days.

Bankers and other unemployed people around the country are turning to sites that offer instructions like; how to boil leather from a shoe, tips on panhandling, and the secret language of hobo symbols.  One site tells you how to boil a shoe, catch small game with the laces, then make shoelace spaghetti turning one pair of worn out sneakers into a delicious meal for four.  Other sites recommend spiking your pasta with crushed vitamins or Paxil to help feel more satisfied by your meal.

Elderly cooks who lived through the Depression are now seeing mild celebrity as people clamor for their advice.  One elderly woman from rural Georgia has a Youtube channel where viewers watch her make poppin’john, cracklin’s, and possum ‘n dumplings.

“I like to make the dumplings while listening to Amos and Andy.”

Stores are seeing a demand for inexpensive products like fatback, lard, and gruel.  Scientists with the FDA are still unsure what gruel is made of.  One grocery manager had to renew his stock of pigs feet for the first time in twenty-five years.

“I think finally people weren’t buying them ironically, or as a dare.”

Other meals seeing a renewed popularity include:

Braised cow tongue

Porcupine Casserole

Chicken Skin Fritters

Minced Testicle Pie

Collards and ‘The back of my hand if you ask for seconds!’

And a Sweet and Sour Soup made with water, ketchup, and your shattered dreams for a better life.



  1. From what I am told, it was beans, beans and more beans. The kids cried ans whined becausethey were sick of old beans,


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