TAMPA, FL – Divine intervention is believed to have brought Super Bowl victory to the Pittsburgh Steelers last night.

Special high speed cameras blessed by a priest were able to capture images of winged angels helping Pittsburgh win the game.

Referees who watched the game at home on The Catholic Sports Channel are filing an injunction.  As no one in the stadium could see anything unusual, the game went on as normal.  Officials are currently reviewing the tapes to decide on holding a “do-over.”

James Harrison received angelic intervention in what is being called a miracle play.  Intercepting a Cardinal pass at the goal line, he ran 100 yards in the longest play in Super Bowl history to make a touchdown.  Several angels body checked defenders out of his way or bent space-time to keep him in bounds.


In the final seconds of the game the delicate hands of divine spirits guided the ball into Santonio Holmes’ waiting hands for the final game winning touchdown.

Review of the tapes shows one lone boy in the crowd giving a signal every time an angelic presence would intervene.  He was later beat up in the parking lot by a dozen Cardinals fans.

The League of Cardinals at the Vatican is confused why the Almighty chose to help Pittsburgh.  “We are perplexed certainly, but He works in mysterious ways” said Cardinal Giaccomo Giuseppe.  The League is said to have lost 73,000 Euros on the game.

One Pittsburgh priest who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed that angels did help the Steelers win, and later held a debauched after party on the head of a pin.

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