The Royal Baby is born… According to Royal watchers, Kate Middleton had a boy!
We can’t comment on the exact whereabouts of the Duke and Duchess,” a rep for the Palace told WWN.  “We wouldn’t normally do so in their private time.”
WWN has learned that Kate Middleton has given birth, to a eight pound bouncing baby boy!  And his name is reportedly James.


Aside from the media outlets camped outside the door of the hospital, the heir has another fan who is thrilled that the baby has finally arrived: great-grandmother-to-be Queen Elizabeth.
“I am just so joyful that the little boy has been born,” the 87-year-old monarch said when asked about the baby. “I’m going on holiday.”
Queen Elizabeth reportedly will not see the baby until the baby is properly prepared for the Royal christening.  “The Queen does not want to meet the baby when he is ‘unclean’,” said a royal watcher.


The weeks-long Royal Baby Watch is finally over.  Kate  was sneaked into the hospital, got her epidural and … gave birth.
In response to a child’s question this week about whether she preferred a great-grandson or great-granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II remarked: “It better be a boy.  Boy’s are much more durable than girls.
Bat Boy has flown to England to be with the new baby boy.


During William and Kate’s years-long courtship, media coverage of the couple included intense speculation that Kate, a commoner by birth, might not have been a suitable partner for the future king. For Americans, it is easy to view the couple’s narrative in fairy-tale terms: Ordinary girl marries tall, handsome prince, leveling society’s class system. This makes sense when one gets to appreciate the monarchy’s pomp, circumstance and bling without any of its expense or constitutional details.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Attend The Inauguration Of Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden

But that story line is not quite right. Kate might not have been aristocracy, but neither was she the typical girl next door. The daughter of self-made millionaires, she had flexible hours working for her parents’ party-supply business, or not working, which allowed her to focus her life around her prince. And William and Kate’s popularity ensures the continuation of the monarchy — reinforcing, not eliminating, Britain’s class system.
The Great Kate Wait is over… it’s a boy!!

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