An unusual amount of drama hit the set of reality competition show
“Face Off” Thursday.

The show features makeup and prosthetic artists making their own Hollywood creatures, and a report has revealed that an unnamed contestant apparently ripped off the face one of the models
in the show during the application process.

Usually, materials used by contestants protect a model’s face from any adhesive that would have this kind of effect on the skin. However, no one is sure that the occurrence was even an accident.

“It’s not immediately clear whether the incident was intentional or not,” said Sam Duerring of Mission Control Media, the production company behind the program. “We have some crazy artists on this show, and it very well may have been on purpose to serve a makeup.”



Duerring added that producers quickly intervened on the set, and the model is expected to make a recovery after medical professionals reapplied the skin. Gruesome imagery is not uncommon on the show, but few times is any it actually real. But producers maintain that kicking that artist off of the show would not have been fair.

“No, nobody was sent home,” Duerring said. “Look, these people are artists, and sometimes you just have to let them explore their ideas. I think we can all agree that sometimes you just have to move on in order to heal… even in a literal sense.”

Tuesday’s double-elimination episode saw two contestants — Meagan and Eric Z. — sent home from the show. Producers have confirmed that the two sent home were not at fault for the incident. Weekly World News will continue to follow this story as it progresses.

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