Seth MacFarlane was almost booed offstage by audience of industry insiders at the Oscars.

Many Academy voters were seen grimacing at Seth MacFarlane’s seventeen minute opening – which was a mix of bad dancing, bad singing and odd humor that had nothing to do with the films nominated.

George Clooney and Ben Affleck were extremely upset with MacFarlane’s performance and even refused to shake his hand at the after-party.


William Shatner, dressed as his Star Trek character, appeared on a screen less than 10 minutes into the telecast to cut off MacFarlane’s borderline offensive jokes.   And for the first time ever – Shatner was not funny.  He couldn’t save MacFarlane.


Backstage comedy writers were trying to save MacFarlane, but MacFarlane reportedly ignored them, saying that he knew better than anyone.

Everyone in attendance agreed that MacFarlane was The Worst Host Ever.  And for next year’s Oscar they have already hired Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.


The man behind “Family Guy” took jabs at Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Chris Brown and Rihanna. His jokes were met with boos from the celebrity audience.

Highlights of the show were easy to identify – all the moments that Seth MacFarlane was NOT on stage.


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