Top Ten Gifts From the Weekly World News!

Its that time of year again! Time to bring some Holiday Weekly World News cheer to your friends and family! Check out the top ten gifts that the WWN is offering this year, and find something unique and unforgettable for everyone on your Holiday shopping list!
10. WWN Digital Subscription
Your favorite tabloid lives on! Get 24 issues of the Weekly World News delivered directly to your Inbox. Accessible on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, bring the WWN with you everywhere. Is Elvis hiding in Greenland? Are there Aliens in your closet? Is Bigfoot a distant cousin of Nick Nolte? Only the WWN reports on hard hitting questions like these! Only $19.95 for 24 amazing issues!     BUY HERE

9.  WWN Cover Mug
Wake up to the WWN, its more energizing than your everyday cup of coffee! But don’t stop there- The WWN brings an extra dose of truth to your Tea, Juice, Soda, and and other beverage you might desire at 8 am (we won’t judge.) Only $17.99!    BUY HERE

8. WWN Correspondent’s Club
Join Bat Boy’s Secret Service of truthseekers and receive your official Correspondent’s Club letter, a bundle of bestselling WWN gifts, plus your name published in a special edition of the Weekly World News each year. It is the ultimate in WWN fandom! Get one for yourself, and one for your favorite friend. Only $49.95!   BUY HERE

7. Bat Boy Bobblehead
Bat Boy has eluded the FBI, CIA, and Al Qaeda for years. He is possibly the most wanted Mutant in history, above Bigfoot, Godzilla, even Manigator. Bring him home and give him safe haven: your Bat Boy Wacky Wobbler will (probably) not try to escape by stealing your car, though we make no guarantees. He makes a great gift for WWN fans of all ages, and his toothy grin will keep everyone smiling through the holidays. Get one for everyone on your list!  Was $16.99, NOW JUST $9.99! (Also available in Color or Glow in the Dark Versions)

6. Going Mutant!: The Bat Boy Exposed
Bat Boy has a long proud heritage that reaches back to the landing of the Mayflower on Plymouth Rock. The holidays aren’t just for fun, they are for reflecting on years past. This fantastic account of the life of Bat Boy will bring comfort and joy to your whole family. Was $14.99, NOW JUST $11.99!  BUY HERE

5. Vintage Issue Bundle
Do you miss the smell and feel of your old Weekly World News issues as you read the latest on the state of P’lod’s love life, or Elvis’ secret hideouts? Well, we are bringing them back to you like its Christmas! Get a bundle of 5 vintage WWN issues, (NORMALLY $9.99 EACH) for ONLY $19.95! Relive the glory days with the WWN, and teach your youngsters what REAL reporting looks like.   BUY HERE

4. World’s Fattest Cat Saves Christmas! Framed Cover
One of the WWN’s most beloved characters, the World’s Fattest Cat will bring joy and laughter into your home this holiday season. Commemorate the year this tubby tabby saved Christmas, and warmed all of our hearts. Perfect for the cat lover or WWN fan in your home! Comes framed and ready for hanging. Only $39.99!   BUY HERE

3. Bat Boy Bundle!
If a little bit of Bat Boy is good, A lot of Bat Boy is better! Get your Bat Boy bundle today, and receive a Bat Boy T-Shirt, his biography “Going Mutant: The Bat Boy Exposed”, a WWN postcard book featuring classic covers, a Bat Boy Bobblehead, plus a one year Digital Subscription to the Weekly World News! A $75 value, only $39.99!    BUY HERE

2. The Lone Wolf
Who wouldn’t want this snazzy ride to zip through the galaxy? A luxury purchase, this state of the art spacecraft is sure to please your loved ones this holiday season. Go to the moon, check out the Mars Rover in action, or just take a leisurely drive along Saturn’s Rings. Who needs NASA? The WWN has you covered! Only $11,375,000.00.   BUY HERE

1. Custom Cover
If you are looking for something unforgettable to give your loved ones, look no further. The Weekly World News custom covers put YOU or YOUR FRIEND in such headlines as: ” I WAS BIGFOOT’S LOVE SLAVE!” or “I MET BARACK OBAMA WHEN I WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS!” All text is completely customizable, Bat Boy and Ed Anger included. Truly, there is no better gift you can give this Christmas, than a one of a kind WWN Custom Cover. Get yours now! Normally $79.95, NOW ONLY $49.95 through December 25!    BUY HERE

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