“Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” singer finds her answers.

Fifteen years ago, singer-songwriter Paula Cole released the song “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” to much acclaim, garnering Grammy nominations and a spot in the Billboard Hot 100’s top ten. The song poses a simple question, and Weekly World News has learned that Cole has finally located those titular cowboys.

“Many people think that song’s about an unfulfilled wife, dealing with the stress of a distanced husband in a rustic backdrop,” says music historian Pat Coyle. “That’s all nonsense. She was just looking for this particular group of cowboys. The rest of the lyrics are just vague fillers. She was simply lamenting the loss of these guys.”

According to Coyle, the songstress found the men in Denning, Texas, on a small farm. The 15-year search reportedly ended in tears and relief, and now Cole will mark the event with a new single due out this summer.

“I Have Found the Cowboys” recounts the trek and serves a response to the 1997 smash single with lyrics like, “Here is my John Wayne/Here is my prairie son/Here is my happy ending/I have found the cowboys, oh.”

Though fans are elated that Cole is returning with a new record, many enthusiasts had no idea that the singer was still searching for those cowboys. forum member thisfire29 had her own questions.

“What made those cowboys so great to begin with?” one post read.

The song is slated to be released on July 17; pre-orders for the “Cowboy Saga” two-single box set are available now.

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