Weekly World News has acquired a copy of the AMC show’s finale script, and it will certainly surprise fans.

The final season of “Breaking Bad,” the television series that follows a high school chemistry teacher (portrayed by Bryan Cranston) nosedive into the world of  methamphetamine distribution, has inspired much speculation on how the tale of Walter White will end. Weekly World News has found the answer, as a leaked script says it was all a dream.

Taking place almost entirely in White’s bedroom, the episode begins with the show’s protagonist tossing, turning and eventually waking up to see his wife, Skyler, resting peacefully beside him.

His surroundings and appearance — including a full head of hair not seen since early episodes — seem to imply that not one thing from the last five seasons has actually happened. After a brief and sobering conversation with his family, he walks outside to see characters encountered throughout his dreams in new roles. They’re his neighbors, each having their own white picket fence, now living a picturesque life similar to his own. He smiles when he sees dreamland partner-in-crime Jesse Pinkman in front of his own home, chasing his children around the yard.

The script’s authenticity has been confirmed with sources from the show. The ending strikes quite a different note than the rest of the series, opting for an optimistic, yet ironic cap to the grim drama. According to sources, creator Vince Gilligan “wanted to turn the whole thing on its head, leading the audience’s fascination with the bleak, tumultuous life of Walter White to a sobering conclusion. The downward spiral caused by Walter’s decisions has now been reversed, providing a sense of redemption for a man who just wanted to provide for his family.”

In respect to the show, Weekly World News has decided to not reveal the entirety of the script.

The show’s fifth season begins on July 15.

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  2. Actually, the crew of Breaking Bad just finished the very last episode of the serie last march 28º. You can look on Dean Norris, RT Mitte, Betsy Brant and Aaron Paul's accounts on twitter that they say goodbye to Albuquerque and the whole crew. Aaron Paul is on rehearsal for Need for Speed, his next movie. I think that would such a dissapointment if the whole history was just a dream… Walt and Jesse never becoming partners? Just strangers to eachother? It was such a great history, a great ride, it cannot be just a lie… Maybe things got really messed up that Walt wanted to come back in time to undo things… So: "He smiles when he sees his partner-in-crime Jesse Pinkman in front of his own home, chasing his children around the yard?" It seems to be a very happy thought to compensate the shitty reality of… Jesse being murdered? I really don't want that to happen, it would be so sad… What do you guys think?


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