Lorraine cosmetics has found The Most Beautiful Face In The World.
And guess what?  She’s from Britain.
What a surprise!
Florence Colgate is the beautiful blond woman who just won a competition sponsored by Lorraine cosmetics to find the most beautiful face in Great Britain. And what a face she has indeed. The bright blue eyes and long, straight hair just add to the allure of what is considered mathematically perfect.
You see, Miss Colgate’s face is proportionally perfect symmetrically, with all the right angles between her eyes, nose, lips, hairline and chin. So say the scientists who judge such womanly matters and who is really to argue?
She’s also known as The Fish and Chips Girl.   Can you figure out why?

Humorously the title of the competition was “Lorraine: Naked” which is not what you think. Entrees into the competition were not allowed any makeup, and plastic surgery was disallowed entirely. The perfect woman’s face had to be entirely natural.
Florence beat thousands of other competitors who had entered. She was declared the winner which lands her face all over billboard advertisements in Superdrug stores in England, regular features in the store’s magazine (called Dare), and best of all a shot at a lucrative modeling contract in London, and features in the store’s magazine.
About her natural beauty, Florence said “Women should not have to feel that they have to wear make-up. I hope people will look at me and think they don’t need to. I’m very happy with the way I look and I would never have any plastic surgery or Botox.”

Biography: Florence Colgate is only 18-years old and a senior at Warden House Primary School (like high school) in her hometown of Deal in the County Kent. This is the upper division of Dover Grammar School for Girls which is bursting with pride for their country girl made good.
Florence currently works at a fast food restaurant called the Middle Street Fish Bar in her ocean-side village. There she works tireless during the day serving french fries (called “chips” in England) to her lustful customers. No telling how many men have asked for her photo numbers, and how many customers she has turned down for dates.
Probably a lot, and the good news for her is that her employment may soon change. She is now a rising star who may have scooped her last bag of chips. Let’s hope so, although the locals will surely miss her perfect smile on her perfect face.
Here’s Florence as a baby.  She’s a “chip” off the ole block, right?

She has clearly put a smile on her friends’ faces. “All my friends and family were ecstatic when they found out I had won.” said Miss Colgate.  They provided a GREAT deal of support from her friends to push her beautiful face over the top in the “Lorraine: Naked” competition.
You can follow Florence Colgate on her Twitter page which is here. We cannot find a Facebook page for her, or any modeling photos of her yet. Help us in the comments if you can or contact us via email.
Here’s the video of Florence.  Is she the most beautiful?

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22 thoughts on “FLORENCE COLGATE”

  1. This must be true, because WWN doesnt have anyone that good with Photoshop to make up these photos. I have to agree with her in that women dont need makeup and plastic surgery to be beautiful.

  2. congrats to her..well she might not be the most beautiful to our eyes…but she is the most Perfect mathematically and scientifically..hope some guys who questioned it, should understand the term mathematically…hmmm having a proportionate and symmetrical face in any angles…and i can see that in just one look… 🙂 congrats!!

  3. who defines beauty? beauty is inherently subjective …. no computer system/ mathematical figure can decide "the most beautiful person in the world". Also, beauty keeps changing…decades ago it was the platinum blonde and now it is the brown skinned Asian woman…. yes she is naturally pretty, but I can list out a lot of more beautiful women I have seen…
    Ultimately this is a waste of time and researchers should focus on world problems right now !!

  4. Wow she does have a beautiful smile! I have always wanted to have that killer smile, unfortunately I have crooked teeth, good thing I found a good orthodontist wa and now I am just waiting for my braces to be off.

  5. It's pretty much impossible to deny the fact that she does have a beautiful face. You got to give a lot of credit to her teeth though because this has surely a lot to do with why she looks very attractive. I actually wish my teeth were just like hers. It's not everyday that you see a person with natural white and straight teeth. My only chance to have a teeth like that is to get an operation from the dentist in studio city, but that would cost me a lot of money.

    • She's really pretty but I think there are more beautiful ladies than her but what's really stunning about her is her smile. My dentist tucson az will surely agree with me if I say that cause her teeth were perfectly aligned and the sizes of her teeth were just right.

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