Tthere’s a new documentary coming called, “We the Tiny House People.”
The documentary focuses on the new craze sweeping American – people living in Tiny Houses.

The film, set to release on April 23, documents the people who — whether they know it or not — are part of the so-called “Small House Movement.”
Fair Companies’ Kirsten Dirksen, ho produced the new documentary after capturing hundreds of hours of film, explains how she first discovered the movement and began promoting the ultra-minature homes:
“I stumbled into the Small House Movement by accident of location- my parents live within miles of the tiny house poster boy Jay Shafer and his 89 square foot home, but within a couple of years I had become a part of it as one of the few, and most likely only, videographers documenting small shelters on a regular basis. […]
“I continue to discover people- who often aren’t even aware there’s a movement of their type (see Small House Society)- living in shipping container, shacks,  houseboats, converted garages, caves, tool sheds,   former pigeon coops, Airstream trailers  and treehouses. They don’t all think alike, but all those I’ve interviewed see their decision to live small as a choice, and often as the most direct path to an examined, and happier, life. […]”

“I‘m reluctant to claim there’s some sort of magic in small abodes- I’m sure some people are watching simply for the “house porn” (as Shafer describes it)-, but it’s obvious these stripped-down shelters reveal for us the essence of home, and for many, make it a bit easier to “suck the marrow out of life”.
Dirksen has released an 11-minute trailer that gives a lens into the knowledge that viewers can expect to gain from the tiny-home film. Watch it, below:

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