BADIANIA, Brazil – John of God, is the world’s greatest psychic surgeon.
John of God grabs a kitchen knife from a silver tray and appears to scrape it over the right eye of a believer. The “psychic surgeon” then wipes a viscous substance from the blade onto the patient’s shirt.
The procedure is repeated on the left eye of Juan Carlos Arguelles, who recently traveled thousands of miles from Colombia to see the healer.
For 12 years, Arguelles says, he suffered from keratoconus, which thinned his cornea and severely blurred his vision.
John of God is Joao Teixeira de Faria, a 69-year-old miracle man and medium to those who believe. He’s a dangerous hoax to those who do not.
For five decades he’s performed “psychic” medical procedures like that for Arguelles. He asks for no money in exchange for the procedures. Donations are welcomed, however.

The sick and lame who have hit dead ends in conventional medicine are drawn to Abadiania, a tiny town in the green highlands of Goias state, southwest of the capital of Brasilia.
Faria says he’s not the one curing those who come to him. “It’s God who heals. I’m just the instrument.”

“Psychic surgeons” are mostly concentrated in Brazil and the Philippines with roots in spiritualist movements that believe spirits of the dead can communicate with the living. Like Faria, they often appear to go into a trance while doing their work, allowing God, dead doctors or other spirits to flow through them.
Such practices have been roundly denounced.

The American Cancer Society has said practitioners of psychic surgery use sleight of hand and animal body parts during procedures to convince patients that what ails them has been snatched away.
But Arguelles, the 29-year-old Colombian who had his eyes worked on by John of God, doesn’t care what the medical establishment says.
A week after visiting Brazil and undergoing the procedure, he said his vision had improved “by 80 percent” and was getting better each day.

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  1. Amy Biank said…
    I have been a guide at the Casa for many years, here is my take on what is happening.
    Is Joao (John)highly charged sexually? Yes. Has he taken advantage of his position as a healer to seduce women and girls into allowing him to take sexual liberties? Yes.
    Healing and sexual energy go hand in hand. They are the same. It takes great personal strength for a healer to use one and put the other aside. Even good, kind people can be corrupted by the strength of this energy. It is up to you as a spiritual explorer to develop the life skills to not lose yourself in the energy of a healer and to protect teach those who do not have those skills! http://dangerousdiane.blogspot.com/2008/01/john-o
    Also google 'john of god hidden dangers lakisha' more on sexual molestation at casa

  2. Amy Biank is 100% correct. Energy is a neutral, it becomes positive or negative. Depending how the person using it directs the energy. One can write a beautiful sonata, paint a lovely picture, or spend life helping the poor, all very positive uses of energy. Or, go and steal, make porn, live totally for what one can get for oneself, all very negative uses of energy. Sex only becomes a bad use when it is misused.
    Thank you Amy for the reminder. We all need it now and again. Please pray for John to get back on the right track.

    God bless


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