You can zap disease and boost your health with a miracle ingredient that is probably sitting in your kitchen – cinnamon!
Top medical researchers and herbalists recommend cinnamon to cure or prevent dozens of diseases and disorders and to enhance good health.  Here’s just a few of the benefits of this powerful ancient spice:
ACNE – Mix three spoonfuls of cinnamon with mayonnaise and a dab on acne every night.  the antibacterial properties of cinnamon will clear up your complexion within a week.
ARTHRITIS – Nutritionists recommend rubbing a simple mixture of one part honey, two parts warm water and a teaspoon of cinnamon into aching areas.  Relief Should be noticeable within minutes.

BLADDER INFECTIONS – A glass of warm water mixed with two teaspoons of cinnamon should clear up the bacteria responsible for bladder infections.
BROKEN BONES – Pour cinnamon down your cast or rub it on the skin around the broken bone.  Cinnamon’s healing powers will get to work and rehabilitation time will be cut in half.
CANCER –  In a recent study 27 patients suffering from advanced bone and stomach cancers, people who took daily doses of honey and cinnamon experienced remission rates twice that of patients who had chemotherapy and no honey and cinnamon.
CHOLESTEROL – Cholesterol levels in healthy subjects dropped an average of 10 per cent in less than two hours, after they drank a 16-ounce glass of hot tea with cinnamon.

COLDS – Colds have been to vanish within hours after ailing folks took at tablespoon of warm honey mixed with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon.
FERTILITY – Cinnamon has long been used in Indian and Chinese medicine to increase fertility in women. The spice is mixed with a small amount of honey, made into a paste and spread along the gums, where it is slowly absorbed by the body.
GAS –  Sprinkling cinnamon on your food before eating, can relieve gastrointestinal upsets – including gas.

HAIR LOSS – Rubbing a mixture of cinnamon and olive oil on your head is a popular way to grow hair in many cultures.  Massage the cinnamon and warm olive oil into the scalp before shampooing and leave it for 15 minutes. You’ll see hair.
HEARING – A daily dose of cinnamon keep the hearing acute, according to ancient Greek Folklore.
HEART DISEASE – You can guard against heart disease and prevent the deposit of fatty plaque in the arteries by regularly eating cinnamon a in the morning.  Simply sprinkle a tablespoon of cinnamon on a slice of high-fiber whole-wheat toast each day.  The miracle remedy reduced hardening of the arteries by 75 percent in nursing home patients.
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – After Italian researchers gave patients with high blood pressure regular doses of cinnamon, the patient’s blood pressure reading improved markedly and they all felt more “energized”.

IMPOTENCY – Austrian researchers recently found that cinnamon is effect in stimulating hormonal secretions.  It also enhances sexual attractiveness.
TOOTHACHE – Mix five parts of honey to one part of cinnamon and dab the mixture on any aching tooth or teeth until the pain subsides.
WEIGHT LOSS – You can enjoy all the food you like, get healthier and lose unwanted pounds with a powerful and tasty new diet that’s rich in cinnamon. Adding cinnamon to your daily diet will help burn calories and it serves a general appetite suppressant.

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  1. Cinnamon helps me a lot in my arthritis. Every morning I start my day with one spoon of Honey and half spon of Cinnamon.
    I love the taste of cinnamon
    Try to put some on your coffee u will love it.

  2. I lost so much visceral fat in my abdomen after having cinnamon regularly for a week… I swear it was like magic especially after I have tried so many other things like liposuction and exercise. My abdomen was my only problem areas in terms of the fat and now it has become flatter than ever.

  3. I just love cinnamon; never had any idea it is such a versatile little spice…I will most certainly consume it more often though. If Sarah benefited from cinnamon in losing weight in the abdomen, then maybe it will help for me too!
    acne fulminans

  4. he tomado una cucharada de miel y canela en agua tibia todos los días en ayunas y logre eliminar los dolores y la inflamación por la artritis. No volví a sentir estos síntomas. También la uso después de lavar mis dientes. Sirve para eliminar bacterias, mejorar el aliento y deja muy limpios y brillantes los dientes.
    Estos dos alimentos nunca se pudren.

  5. Miel dulce es una mejor caramelo que gusta a todos. Los esquiadores y excursionistas comprar este dulce para mantener constante la boca húmeda en el frío. También alivia dolor de garganta, ásperas en los caramelos de miel winter.These no contienen jarabe de maíz y se hacen con miel pura.

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    The six simple steps to last longer in bed are
    Pace yourself
    Tune into your partner
    Have the right attitude
    Learn some cool down methods
    Start training

  7. Hey !! This is just a JOKE tabloid !! It is funny – But DONT take it seriously !! it is JUST for laughs !!
    These are NOT cures !! They DONT work !! See your doctor ….. PLEASE !!

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