Goldie Hawn, the world’s first  “happiness expert,” is revolutionizing the classroom by encouraging mediation and “brain breaks”.
Celebrities in Hollywood agree – Goldie Hawn is the greatest happiness expert in the world.
“It’s not anything magical. It’s all biological and neurological,” Hawn told “Nightline” anchor Cynthia McFadden. “So let’s just take a breath and take a break. Teachers need it. Kids need it.”

Hawn has spent the past 10 years studying cognitive function and how the brain works. Founder of the Hawn Foundation, the 65-year-old star worked with neurologists and psychologists to create the MindUp program, a plan to help a generation of stressed-out kids manage their mental energy. Her book, “10 Mindful Minutes,” outlines the elements of the program as sort of a guidebook for parents and teachers to use with kids.
“I wanted to write something that was sort of instructive, in a way,” she said.
A regular mediator herself, Hawn’s MindU program suggests that children should have two-minute moments of self-reflection and meditation three times daily, with the idea that it will calm kids and allow them to focus better.
“You go inward for a while. It’s important to do that … it helps relax your brain and strengthen your brain,” she said. “It gives great context into behavior, emotions, ways of forgiving themselves by understanding their brain, reactivity, stress, how to reduce our stress, how to recognize it.”

Unfortunately for Hawn, her ex-husband’s mind isn’t so peaceful.   Bill Hudons  told WWN that Hawn ruined his relationship with his children and she does not allow him to see their grandchildren.
“She’s tough, she is cold, it is obsessed with control,” said Bill.    She wrote a book about how to make children happy, but look what she did with her own children.”
Goldie defended herself, saying that she and her husband had their differences and have lived separate lives since having children.   She said her husband always wanted an “open marriage.”  But Bill denies this.   In fact, he said their marriage ended because Goldie had an affair with a film director.   She left Bill  and her children Oliver, who at that time was three years old, and Kate, who had just turned four-month old.
According to Bill, he sees his children only on television or on the big screen. The last time Kate and Oliver Hudson spoke was four years ago: “I called to tell them that my brother, their uncle, had throat cancer. We talked, but the reconciliation did not happen. I do not have any relationship with the children, and I never have not seen their grandchildren. ”
Goldie, meanwhile, is promoting a new meditation technique, based on careful attention to everything that surrounds a person.
She is encouraging her ex-husband to buy her book.

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  1. I think it's great she is attempting to use meditation to help children become happy. People are not perfect and it's isn't fair that she is attacked for her own shortcomings as we all have them. Isn't that called being human? The point is that she is doing some good rather than promoting things like violent video games for example. http://www.howtohappiness.org


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