An extra-large coyote (half-wolf) is terrorizing the Eastern seaboard of Canada.
The story of the 82-pound coyote not only has this province and the Internet buzzing, but wildlife watchers across the country are talking about it, too.  And there have been hundreds of other sightings of beasts like this across Eastern Canada.
Memorial University is doing the DNA testing one of the brutes, shot this week by Joe Fleming on the Bonavista Peninsula.

Environment and Conservation Minister Jack English announced that the creature was  a wolf  coyote-wolf crossbreed.
Ralph Mumm of the biology department at McGill University said further genetic investigation is required will reveal more information about this new breed.
Biologists feel that the new coyote is the result male coyotes mating with a female wolves.  But why?
“I think it’s due to global warming,” said English.  “Coyotes are not acting like themselves and are now attracted to other species.
The biggest ones spotted are about 90 pounds and they can be extremely aggressive, said a biologists studying the new breed.  Residents are advised to keep their distance.
“Ninety pounds is way out there …  and we think they are getting bigger,” said Hank Simpson,  co-founder of Coyote Watch Canada, a group that tracks coyotes.  The group is not in favor of killing the animals – even thought the beasts have attacked twenty-seven Canadians already.
Hank Sampson really loves the new breed.

This surprised a lot of experts because coyotes are afraid of humans.  Some are afraid that the new breed of coyotes are heading for the cities.
“I think they’re headed for Boston in the United States.  I can’t confirm it, but it’s my sense based on their migration patterns,” said English.
Boston is preparing for their arrival.  “We’re locked and loaded,” Senator Scott Brown reportedly said.

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5 thoughts on “WOLF-COYOTE”

  1. i have a five year old and a six month old and 30 head of cattle. they don't fear me without a gun. my 80 lb dog wont stand a chance but a rifle will. i will fight them one on one any day if you are willing to take care of my family silverback. Until then my shotty and carbine do very well.

  2. Coywolves aren't mutants, they're hybrids. After the wolf was hunted almost to extinction in the northeastern US and eastern Canada, they began breeding with coyotes out of necessity. This has created a new breed, which is large and pack-oriented like a wolf, but with the boldness of a coyote. As many as 1 in 3 'coyotes' today have wolf in their genealogy. The more you know!


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