The world’s oldest sheep has died after falling off a 150-foot cliff.
An ear tag on the blackface ewe, nicknamed Methuselina, showed that it was 25 years and 11 months old.  The blackface ewe was also nicknamed Twiggy because of her scrawny appearance
Crofter John Maciver, 51, put her longevity down to her still having most of her teeth, allowing her to graze easily, and her ‘independent spirit’.   How did she live so long.  Maciver said it was  because she still had most of her teeth, which allowed her to graze easily.
There was a heatwave in Australia recently, so Twiggy she headed for a cliff to cool down.  It’s not clear if the sheep jumped – or was pushed.  Animal detectives are investigating.

Mr. MacIver said, “It doesn’t matter how she died.  She’s gone.  Methuselina has met an unfortunate end. It’s very baaad.”
“She passed away and I wouldn’t say peacefully. I found her at the bottom of a rock.
“She had gone over a cliff and met her demise that way at the grand old age of 25 years and 11 months.”

Most sheep do not live longer than 12 years. The ewe was found dead on rocks at a beach on Lewis in the Western Isles.
The ewe – originally called Twiggy because of her ‘scrawny appearance’ – was found dead on rocks at Garry Beach on Friday.
The sheep was older than two of Mr Maciver’s grown-up children – aged 23 and 24 – and just a year younger than his eldest son who is 27.
‘It is a sad end,’ said Mr Maciver. ‘She was never a big sheep but she produced her last lambs three years ago and even then they were twins!
According to Guinness World Records, the oldest age recorded for a sheep ever was 28 years and 51 weeks.
The crossbred sheep was kept at Taliesin, near Aberystwyth in Wales.
Here’s the site of the potential sheepicide:

Guinness World Records is now actively looking for a contender to the title of ‘oldest sheep living’ any owner who wishes to make a claim can do it online at www.guinnessworldrecords.com.”
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