Singer Bobby Brown has declared himself a “Bad Ass” on the eve of his ex-wife’s funeral. 
Bobby Brown was n Mississippi as he gave a closing shout out to Whitney, his band and his family.  The boy band singer gave an emotional tribute to Houston until his closing remarks.
“Life is life … you have to move on sometimes,” said Brown.  “I love [Whitney] like I love God … my name is BAD ASS Bobby Brown.”

Here’s the couple in happier times:

Whitney’s family reportedly can confirm that Bobby is a “bad ass” and they hope that after the funeral on Saturday they won’t be seeing his “bad ass” ever again.  “He’s Bobbi Cristina’s father, and we respect that, but we don’t need to see ‘bad ass’ around here,” said a source close to the family.  They reportedly blame a lot of Whitney’s problems later in life on Bobbi.

Sources close to Bad Ass Bobby Brown are saying that he plans to be “sober” for Whitney’s funeral, in honor of his ex-wife.   “Bobby won’t be on anything at her funeral,” said a source close the boy band star.
Brown is reportedly booked at Indian casino in Connecticut after Whitney’s funeral in New Jersey on Saturday.  After that he’ll be playing several cafes in Montreal and Nova Scotia.
The service is invitation only.  Kevin Costner and Clive Davis are expected to speak about Houston. The event will be streamed live on the internet.


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  3. Bobby Brown just think everything is about him but is not saturday FEB 18,2012 was all about Whitney E. Houston getting laid to rest. GOD BLESS to Whitney Houston Family.

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