A woman gave her 7-year-old  daughter a liposuction voucher for Christmas so she could turn her into – a Barbie!

Sarah Burge, a woman known as the “Human Barbie,” gave her 7-year-old daughter, an $11,000 liposuction voucher as a Christmas gift, not to mention the nearly $8,000 breast implant voucher she received on her sixth birthday.

“I put the voucher in her stocking – there’s nothing wrong with that,” Sarah Burge said.  “She asks for surgery all the time. She wants to look good and lipo is one of those procedures that will always come in handy.”

According to Burge, she sees the gift of plastic surgery as a long-term investment, since they can only be used when her daughter turns 16-years-old.

“I see these vouchers as investing in her future – like saving money for her education,” Burge said, adding she hopes her daughter Poppy will someday become a fashion model.

“Girls don’t want Snow White and Cinderella any more … I’m just supporting her and making her dreams come true,” she told The Closer.

Since reports broke about the gifts, Burge has sparked outrage worldwide from the media and those who believe a 7-year-old should not undergo cosmetic surgery.

Last year following news of the gift of a voucher for breast impalnts, Burge spoke candidly with Closer magazine about the gift and her daughter’s “exotic pamper party” for her birthday.

“Poppy begged me for a boob job, so I gave her the voucher so she can have it after she’s 16, when it’s legal,” she told Closer. “If she develops naturally big boobs, she can have something else done with it.”

During the birthday party, her daughter Poppy and seven friends received makeovers, drank fake champagne and had a designer cake.

“Poppy isn’t interested in bouncy castles or pass the parcel, so I splashed out on something a little more grown-up,” Poppy’s mother said. “The girls got lots of attention from our neighbors… They love having all eyes on them and were posing and pouting for photos.”

These two incidents are not the first time Sarah Burge made headlines. Burge has had her share of limelight for her own surgeries, as she has spent nearly $650,000 of cosmetic surgery on her own body. In a video segment for “The Doctors,” Burge said she likes to stay away when undergoing surgery, just in case the doctors do not do what she requested.

“If he’s not pulling tight enough, I’ll say ‘pull a little bit tighter,'” she said.

Two years ago, Burge told reporters that she had also taught Poppy, then 6, to pole dance. Burge’s other daughters, 27-year-old Charlotte and 17-year-old Hannah, also have received cosmetic surgery and plan to continue with more procedures.

“Some people think it’s controversial and I get angry when strangers say I’m a bad mother because I don’t think there’s any harm in giving her this gift,” she explained. “Poppy is a normal kid who is good at sports and loves playing outside. Girls don’t want Snow White and Cinderella anymore.”

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18 thoughts on “HUMAN BARBIE”

  1. I just hope when she turns 16 she realized that she doesn't need to go through these surgeries and just be happy with how she looks. She is beautiful.

  2. i hope (in a sense) that the we girl is obese when she turns 16 then that way the voucher wont go to waste coz at the moment the we girl looks cute (bit grown up if im honest, what happened to just buying them toys) !!!

  3. she doesn't need boobs!!! she is only 7 years old-and by the way, if she's interested in things such as surgery it's because she gets the example from her mother, who i might add, is very irresponsible, whether she wants to hear it or not. she is the ADULT, so she gets to BOSS her daughter and tell her what's right and what's wrong, not the other way around. what is going on in that woman's mind? if she's not into cinderella, give her Selena, Miley, or something better-cultivate her MIND with BOOKS. Liposuction??? She could have gotten her at least a hairdye or fake lashes, but seriously, lipo???!!! And who does she think she is, calling herself "the human barbie"???? is she under the influence of drugs?! she looks NOTHING like Barbie. For one, Barbie had nice boobs. This woman looks like she just came out of a bar in Texas. Please, Barbie? Ha. I snort in her face. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE!!!!

  4. This woman needs to have her brain liposuctioned out of her head and replaced with one that has some intelligence. This is child abuse in my opinion and this whole plastic surgery business is insane. People look fake and ridiculous after plastic surgery especially when they get old. Barbie needs a pull string installed into her back and a few choice sentences to repeat over and over, like "Hi! I'm stupid!" or "I'm a total nutcase, wanna feel my fake boobs?"

  5. I hope back home, when parents are earning so much, they keep their children away from the surgical knife as much as possible. The breast implants perth wa are the closest that teenagers would want. A liposuction of course would be desired by the obese teens but at age 6? I am not really sure.

  6. Well all I can say is that her mother was vain when it comes on how they look. Giving a voucher to her daughter is really a nice Christmas gift but I wonder when will she use it. She can use it in the future at liposuction sacramento clinic.

  7. I could see the mom's point for giving that kind of gift to her daughter but I agree with the majority that she shouldn't instill that kind of thinking to her daughter. I think it's better to tell her daughter to embrace natural beauty. Or perhaps just encourage a coolsculpting instead of lipo when her daughter grows up.


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