WIN A DATE WITH VIRGIN MARY has opened the bidding on a date with blonde Heather Seychelle, 25 – known as “Virgin Mary.”
“Virgin Mary” appears in the dating site’s nativity scene and has attracted a legion of male fans.  eBay first hosted the auction for a “date” with Virgin Mary but later pulled the listing because it contained “adult content.”
Miss Seychelle – known t her friends and family as “Virgin Mary,” because she reportedly has never had sex with anyone – has attracted a large number of potential suitors and reportedly would love to “get pregnant” with the right guy.  Whether it will be an immaculate conception or not – Seychelle is not saying.
Here she is in her Virgin Mary pose:

And here is the Virgin Mary.  What do you think?  Any resemblance?

Virgin Mary is pictured in the nativity scene above wearing a low-cut blue robe and posing with a bare-chested male model Dorion Renaud, 23, who played Joseph.

Unfortunately for “Joseph”, the Virgin Mary would not “hook up” with him.  Though many women are now trying to bid for Joseph as well.
Virgin Mary said: “I’m a single girl and I joined the website to find love, so I hope I meet a nice boy to have babies with.”
She added, “It’s not right that eBay got rid of our auction on their site. The money is for charity.”
Greg Hodge, managing director of the site, said: “eBay accused us of posting adult content onto their website – but we simply uploaded portrait photos of our nativity stars as they appear on our home page in the hope we’d raise money for charity.
“We are confident we can still raise a decent amount of money and will announce the winner on January 5.”
Mr Hodge added: “It’s not like we were the first to auction a date on eBay. Scarlet Johansson auctioned herself on the site for Oxfam.
“I’m also not sure how our posting is adult content. Everyone is dressed and although Mary is busty, she has just given birth to Jesus.” is a global dating site with 730,000 members.
In the next few days, will start an auction for Mary Magdalene (which will certainly be banned by eBay).  Will you bid for her?



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